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Jual Kabel N2XSEYBY

Spesifikasi Kabel N2XSEYBY

Kabel Listrik

Kabel Three Cores Type N2XSEYBY, NA2XSEYBY Beroperasi Pada 3,6 - 36 Kv

Three Cores Cable

Copper Or Aluminium Conductor,
XLPE Insulated,
Copper Wires Screened And Pvc Sheathed
XLPE Insulated Three Cores Cables Are Applied For Installation Indoors, Outdoors, Underground And Cable Rack.


Stranded Compacted Circular Copper Or Aluminium Conductors. All Internal Interstices Of Trie Conductor Rilled With Water Blocking Compound Which Is Specified To Prevent Ingress Of Water Through Conductor During Storage, Handling, Installation And Operating Of The Cable.

Conductor Screen
Extruded Semi-Conducting Compound. Minimum Thickness 0.5 Mm And The Maximum Volume Resistivity Of 5000 Ohm-Cn At 20° C And 25000 Ohm-Cm At 90° C.

Extruded XLPE With High Degree Of Cross-Linking, Free From Contaminants, Air Voids And Heat Resistant By Dry Cured Process.

The Nominal Thickness As Shown In Table 1.

Type     :     N2XSEYBY
Nominal Voltage     :     3.6/6 ( 7.2 ) Kv
6/10 ( 12 ) Kv
8.7/15 ( 17.5 ) Kv
12/20 ( 24 ) Kv
18/30 ( 36 ) Kv
Specification     :     Spln 43-5
(Other Specifications Are Availible Upon Request)
Table 1. Insulation Thickness

Tabel 2 . Minimum Total Cross Section Of Metallic Screen

Insulation Screen
Extruded Semi-Conducting Compound. Minimum Thickness 0.5 Mm And The Maximum Volume Resistivity Of 5000 Ohm-Cm At 20°C And 25000 Ohm-Cm At Wc The Screen Is Tightly Fitted To Insulation To Exdude All Air Voids And Can Be Easily Hand Stripped On Site.

Conduction Water Blocking Layer
Semi-Conductive Water Blocking Tape Provided Over The Insulation Screen Which Will Swell Up Under The Influence Ofmoisture Or Water.

Metallic Screen
Copper Wires Applied Over The Conducting Water Blocking Layer. Minimum Cross Section Of Concentric Conductor As Shown In Table 2. Copper Tape With Minimum Thickness 0.1 Mm And Maximum 0.3Mm Applied Over Copper Wires.

Water Blocking Layer
Non-Conducting Water Blocking Tape Provided The Metallic Screen Which Will Swellup Under Ihe Influence Of Moisture Or Water.

Inner Sheath
Extruded Black Pvc, Capable For Operating Continuously Maximum Temperature Of The Cable. Thickness Of Inner Sheath As Shown In Table 3.

Tabel 3. Inner Sheath Thickness

Double Layers Of Galvanized Steel Tape Applied Helically With Proper Over Laping Over The Inner Sheath. Thickness Of The Steel Tape As Shown In Table 4.

Tabel 4. Galvanized Steel Tape Thickness

Outer Sheath
Extruded Red Pvc, Suitable Tar Exposure To Sun-Light Or Other Local Atmospheric Environments And For The Operating Temperature Of The Cable.

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Kabel Listrik

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